Heart Dissection

About this practical...

A fantastic opportunity to dissect a heart and to see all of the things that we are told about in lessons. The chambers, the valves, the muscle, the different vessels and their relative thicknesses and, if lucky, may see minute details like the coronary artery.


The method for this practical is very simple. Watch your teacher demonstration very carefully. Cut your sample carefully and safely. Record your observations clearly and ensure that you are following every safety precaution that you have been given

Safety & Managing Risks

Usual lab rules must be followed: loose hair tied back, goggles worn throughout the lesson, bags and stools tucked away and notify the teacher of any spills or breakages immediately. The heart itself is a biological hazard and a potential source of infection. The hearts will be collected as biological waste by your teacher. Wear gloves, wash hands after you have packed up and sanitised your work space. Take care with the cutting equipment, it is sharp. For more detailed information, please consult CLEAPSS.

Technician notes:


Cuttings boards

Scalpels (count out exact number)



Disposable aprons

Biological waste bags

Hand sanitiser

Antiseptic desk cleaners

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