Required Practical 04: Enzymes

About this practical...

We know that enzymes work best in their optimum conditions and this is your opportunity to investigate one. You are going to test how well amylase works at different pH levels. You will get to use a food test to measure how quickly the enzyme works. Remember to look at the three types of variables!


1. Into each well on a spotting tie, add a drop of iodine solution.

2. add 2cm3 of amylase solution, 1cm3 of pH5 buffer solution and 2cm3 of starch solution to a test tube. Place this into a 35 ° C water bath.

3. After 10 seconds, take a sample using a pipette and place 1 drop into the first well, note if starch is still present (yellow to black).

4. After another 10 seconds, repeat the sampling. Continue to follow this until no starch is present. Record the time for this pH.

5. Repeat using the different buffers provided.

Safety & Managing Risks

Usual lab rules must be followed: loose hair tied back, goggles worn throughout the lesson, bags and stools tucked away and notify the teacher of any spills or breakages immediately. Take care of the proximity of water to the sources of electricity. For more detailed information, please consult CLEAPSS.

Technician notes:

Spotting tiles

Iodine solution

Amylase solution

Buffer solutions x 3

Starch solution

Beakers for water bath


Waste collection buckets

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