A-Level Chemistry exam preparation

Year 13 Final preparation

Below is the breakdown for the exam papers. Read carefully and prepare thoroughly

What could be on the exam?

Paper 1: Inorganic and Physical (2 hours - 105 marks)

Preiodicity and Groups 2 & 7

Period 3 Oxides

Transition Metals

Aqueous Ions

Any associated physical chemistry topics

Paper 2: Organic and Physical (2 hours - 105 marks)

Organic Chemistry

Organic Analysis

Optical Isomerism

Carbonyl Chemistry

Aromatic & Biological Chemistry

Further Chemical Analysis

Organic Synthesis

Any associated physical chemistry topics

Paper 3: Mixture comprising: (2 hours - 90 marks)

- 40 Marks of practical work and data analysis

- 20 Marks from anything across the whole specification

- 30 Marks of multiple choice questions

Common on all three papers:

Atomic Structure


Amount of Substance






Rate Equations

Equilibrium & Gases

Acids, Bases & Buffers

Don't forget that there will be questions focusing on the required practical elements.

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