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And so the GCSE examination season for 2024 comes to a close. The A-level exams are still in full swing. For everyone in years 9 and 10, it is now time to prepare for your end of year examinations. Year 10 exams will be a GCSE paper 1 and for Year 9 exams will be a short sample of questions based on your first experiences of the the GCSE topics. Details of what will be on the exams, and their format, can be found on the links.

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13th May 2024

This week, all of year 10 are completing the required practical in which you will measure the energy change in a reaction. Begin by completing the assignement on Seneca then revise how you can work out the energy transferred to water byt using its specific heat capacity.

4th March 2024

Year 10: This week is all about enusring that you fully understand the process of electrolysis. Read up about: Electrolysis & Electroplating. Where does reduction and oxidation occur? How is this used in industry? Look into solutions - What are the products of the electrolysis of Brine? Finally, look at half equations (these show electrons) for the reactions occuring at the electrodes.
When you have done this, there is a seneca assignement to test your knowledge.

23rd February 2024

Year 10 - Friday: You have now learned the basics of the electrolysis of melts. To begin with, look at this link and make sure that you are familiar with the stages, charges, names/keywords and where reduction and oxidation take place (at which electrodes). When you have finished, there is a 25 to 30 minute task set for you on Seneca. My lesson summary can be found here under "electrolysis of melts".

10th February 2024

One of my A-level chemists has recently been accepted into the prestigious school of veterinary science at the university of Liverpool. Congratulations and thanks for the squishy cow, I shall always treasure it!

29th January 2024

Year 10: For your independent work this week, complete the assignment on Seneca Learning then revise for your mid-year assessment. You will need to go over the topics that we have covered this year. I suggest that you continue with Seneca and look at the structure, bonding & properties section first. There will be questions on quantities too. Foundation - Mr and percentage mass, Higher will also see a "moles" question.

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