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About the Science Department... (website)

This all began on 17th December 2008 when I registered my first ever internet site at my friend's dining table. Having trawled through countless emails and records, I found out that I first registered this particular domain name on 7th October 2013. It was a way to share information with classes and create an online textbook which was taylored to my classes. I eventually allowed the site to naturally expire in October 2019 due to a lack of use and lack of time to keep it up to date.

On the 16th March 2020, the UK Prime Minister announced that non-essential contact and travel must cease. We in education knew that schools were about to close and that we had a very short period of time to prepare to support home learning (about which, we had no real experience). I re-registered this website address, thankfully it had not been purchased in the interim. I set up a simple WordPress site and uploaded the topics and lessons with links to videos and other sites for the ease of access to students and parents. I continued to run this as it helped when students were isolating or when year groups were not allowed in school over the following months and years. Although I have moved on from being the Head of Science at this school in Staffordshire, I am constantly updating and improving the content as it is very useful teaching and learning tool.

Many thanks if you have managed to read this far.

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