A-Level Chemistry: Mock exams

Year 13 Chemistry mocks

For these exams, you will again have two papers, exactly like sitting the AS Chemistry exams, however, you will also have questions based on the new topics that you have learned. It is excellent practice at real exams. Obviously, there is not enough time on the papers to test everything, however, you must prepare for anything to come up.

What could be on the exam?

Paper 1: Inorganic and Physical

Preiodicity and Groups 2 & 7

Paper 2: Organic and Physical

Organic Chemistry

Organic Analysis

Optical Isomerism

Carbonyl Chemistry

Aromatic & Biological Chemistry

Common on both papers:

Atomic Structure


Amount of Substance






Rate Equations

Equilibrium & Gases

Acids, Bases & Buffers

Don't forget that there will be questions focusing on the required practical elements.

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